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Bringing Earth Closer to Heaven

B Y  G L O R I A   W E N D R O F F

HEAVEN LETTER #1385 In Memoriam to Sandy Hessler

God said:

BELOVED, THE MOMENT of what you call death is always peaceful. There is no struggle. There is surrender to what has always been, and that is Eternity. Life, as experienced in the world, has most often been struggle against the truth of life. You think earth life is supposed to last forever, even though you give lip service that it is not. But the truth is that life itself is forever. There is only Being. There is no death. There is no after life really because life continues and never ends. Body falls away. Spirit stays with Me, and it stays with you. In death, it is only the physical that has changed. But how attached you are to the physical. Sooner or later you will loose the hold your fingers have on it.

The physical obviously has no life of its own. You consider the body the moving force. But you also know that cannot be. The spirit does not follow the body. The body is not a free agent. It accompanies you. You do not accompany it.

The body is a leash that follows you around. It ties you to earth, and yet you are untethered.

You feel great loss in your heart at the body death of a loved one near or far. In the shadow of death you have a clue as to the connectedness of all souls. Loss is a trick of the mind, beloveds.

Your friend has stepped over another threshold. This threshold is vaster than any you are aware of on earth. But friendship has not ended. Your friend is with you now. She is more with you now because no longer does she have the distraction of physical life. No longer is she pulled in any direction but in the direction of closeness to love. Closer to love, she brings all within her soul’s breath closer to love.

Your friend’s passage through the halls of earthly death is symbolic. There is no passage. Nothing has changed. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to leave. The only difference is in your thought. You were captivated by the existence of a physical being and all the senses. The senses are physical. You miss the physical sight and sound. You miss the imagined space the body filled. You miss the earthly responses. All the while, the connection is intact, and your sense of Oneness now has the opportunity to become more refined.

A party was held on earth, and now one of the guests deigns to go home and you are still at the party. Part of you would like to go home as well. Yet you grieve that your friend left the party. Because your friend left the party doesn’t mean she is gone. She is merely out of your sight right now. She stays in your thoughts but your thoughts are misinformed. Your thoughts tell you to be sad when you could be joyous that your friend has taken a cab home, and one that you will also take by and by.

You want to join your friend at the same time as you are afraid to leave the party.

Friendship is in the heart not the mind. Do not let your mind tell you that a life is over and a friendship gone. The very fact that your heart yearns for your friend tells you that she is still here. This spirit that you cannot see but yet feel in your heart – that is the truth of your friend. It was ever so.

The physical was just a lot of scenery. Make-up. But underneath the make-up, behind the scenes is where life takes place. Whether the curtain is up or the curtain is down, what is changed? Merely a curtain, an illusory curtain. The curtain could be see-through net or thick velvet – it’s still illusion.

There is no separation. There is no apartness. There is no loss. Why must your heart ache so? Let heartache go. You have your friend. She has gone nowhere. She is here with you now.

HEAVEN LETTER #1420 Mourning

God said:

YOU HAVE HALF HOLD on and you half let go when it comes to loved ones who pass into another dimension and seemingly leave you behind. You want to get over your heartache, but you want to remember your loved ones and all that was in your heart for them. You do not want to forget your love for them, and theirs for you. And so you remember. And as memories wear off, you mourn the loss of your memories too.

Sooner or later your departed loved ones are reduced to an occasional memory here or there, perhaps only a paragraph or two, or a sentence or two, or a word, perhaps their name. You would like to restore them to life, and you would like to hold them fast to you in your memory. You would conjure them up if you could.

They have gone on with their lives, and so must you. They have not forgotten you. Their love for you radiates and radiates. They encompass you in their love. They would dry your tears. They would have you laugh instead of weep. They would like to get your attention with joy.

They do not forget you. Nor do they mourn. From their wider perspective, they see very well. They know there is nothing to mourn. They are well-aware that only the physical has changed, and they know that the physical is only physical. They know that the physical is a manifestation of something. It is a manifestation of love, but manifestation is only manifestation. Of course, the manifestation of love matters to you more than can be described. And yet, your loved one was only a manifestation of love. The physical passes. Love remains.

Nothing can cut into love. It’s just that the love is not wrapped up any longer. It is not beribboned, but it is love evermore.

What are the tears that you weep for? Of course, they are removing what does not belong. Mourning does not belong to you. Mourning is not a testament of your love. It is only a testament of sorrow. It does not do honor to the loved ones enjoined in a higher realm. Would you really mourn the end of their temporary life on Earth when you knew how guided in the light they are now?

You have a tendency to think that somehow their life on Earth was not finished, that it should have been more, that more blessings should have been theirs. But you were their blessing. Do you understand? All your love they carry with them. They have not departed love, yours nor theirs. Bless them to the theater they star in now.

Love is greater than all the oceans of tears you have made. The oceans of your tears are but a single drop compared to the one ocean of love.

You may ask why there is death? And you may reproach Me for the existence of death. Death of the body is a fact of life. It has not been kept a secret from you. You may ask Me why bodies die. I ask you, Why must you mourn? And why do you fear?

I understand that you miss your loved ones. I also want you to understand that you have missed the point.

Your love is greater than tears. Far greater. Enough memorials of tears. Make memorials of joy.

Death of the body is not such a huge thing as you have made it. But love, that is a different story. You may think I commit murder. I commit life. Once and for all, accept that there is no end to it.

Death reminds you that you are not your body. Rejoice. You are not your body.

© Gloria Wendroff, 2005


Gloria Wendroff always loved reading, writing, and inspiration, but she never gave much thought to God - let alone dreamed that a time would come when she would hang on to every word of the Best Storyteller of All. Not until after forty-two years of wandering did she become conscious of a desire for God. Then it was another twenty more before she began to hear a whisper. Now, looking back, she can see a tiny hint here or there but nothing to prepare her for what was to come.

After teaching creative writing, English, ESL, and business communications, writing boundary-breaking resumes and a monthly job advice column for many years, she learned and taught meditation, traveled Europe, studied in Thailand and India, and discovered God back in America. Of all the messengers along the way, two were movies! One was a photograph. At least one was a book. And, of course, many, many were people. There was no one great epiphany. There were many great ones and some little ones. But, suddenly - ah, there was God. Ever since Gloria discovered God, she has been receiving and sending out God’s words every day via email, giving free readings of God’s words across the country, getting God’s personal answers for people who want them, helping others dare to do their own Godwriting™ in workshops, making CD’s, and getting Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, published - all with an ear to the Still Small Voice and bringing earth closer to Heaven. To find out more about Heaven Letters, visit

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