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Manifesting and healing with crystal grids

ONCE I UNDERSTOOD HOW POWERFUL GRIDS CAN BE I started using them more and more to generate energy for things that I desired to do for myself and for others. Since healing was one of my priorities I investigated various ways of using grid techniques to facilitate this. I looked for books on using grids for healing, and though I didn’t find many, I really liked one called Crystal Healing by Katrina Raphael, which has pictures of the author’s favorite techniques of creating stone “layouts,” as she calls them. I immediately saw these as powerful energy grids. So I started trying new things with crystals and stones, placing them in patterns around the body, on the chakra centers, and sometimes on problem areas. Through reading and experimentation, I learned that using grids on and around the body is a powerful tool in facilitating healing.

Directing energy

I discovered that, along with other stones in a grid, I could use quartz crystal points to direct energy into or away from areas by the direction that I faced them. By facing quartz crystals in towards an area, stone, or stone layout, you can focus energy into that area and into that grid. This is useful for areas where extra focused energy is needed to facilitate healing. If you find an area where energy is stagnant or blocked, turning the quartz crystals away from the area draws stagnant or overloaded energy out, faciliating removal of the blockage. These quartz grid techniques can even be used around an individual stone or stones within a stone layout. This creates a grid within a grid and offers a way to focus and amplify the healing qualities of specific stones within a grid. Be open to your guidance regarding where to use crystal grids and use your intuition to decide which way to focus the crystal points. Double terminated quartz crystals are great for creating grids because they move energy in both directions. They can be used to create pathways between grids or to move energy in or out of an area automatically. Double terminated stones are also wonderful ways to connect chakra grids when doing a full body healing.

Crystals and stones are useful in creating grids around a body as well as on it. Creating a grid around the body is a full body healing technique that can be used alone or can be combined with other crystal healing techniques. This includes using a crystal grid around the body while using crystal grids on the body at the same time.

Dispersing Energy

The same idea of focusing or disbursing energy also applies when creating grids around the body. Plus it is wise to keep in mind, that combining techniques is a very powerful way to move energy fast. It can be quite useful when time is of the essence, and it can also cause some strong reactions in the individual receiving the facilitation. Always use your guidance and always give intent that the person experiencing the healing receive it all with ease and grace at a pace that he/she can physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually deal with.

Long Distance Healing
Grids are an excellent way to facilitate long distance healing. If you desire to send healing energy to someone in another town, or maybe even on the other side of the globe, you might take a picture of her/him and place it in the center of a circle of malachite (or other appropriate crystals or stones) with a crystal on top of the picture. Once you have your grid set up you can then set a time each day to activate the healing energy of the stones to be focused into the central crystal with the intent that the healing energy be made available to the person in the photograph. If you don’t have a picture you can write the person’s name and illness on a piece of paper and use it in place of the picture. Another way to use this distance healing technique, if you have a lot of people on your list for healing, is to keep a book with names of people requesting healing energy and use it just as you would a photograph or a name on a piece of paper. I have a friend who has just such a healing book that he sends healing energy into at a certain time each day.

Personal Manifestation Grids
Eventually I decided to try grids to manifest things. So I created a grid with some foam core board, photos, drawings, words and crystals. I had a lot of fun creating my manifesting grid, though at the time I was not sure if it would make anything happen. It was an experiment. Once I felt I had put everything that I desired on it, I placed four tiny crystals into holes I had created in each corner of the foam core board. I activated the crystals and then set the board aside and went on about the business of living. Whenever the board caught my eye I would send it light. Within two years my life had completely and totally changed and I had received quite a lesson in being clear and concise with my manifestations. I had placed a plane and some beach pictures in one corner with the thought that I would manifest a trip to the Texas gulf coast for my master level Reiki attunement, but I didn’t put anything that mentioned Reiki or Texas there. I ended up in San Diego in an apartment near the beach. I have also become attuned to all kinds of energy, but my master level Reiki attunement didn’t end up happening anywhere near the water.

If you desire to make major life changes you might create a grid similar to the one that I just described. Start with some kind of stiff cardboard or foam core board and place a representation of the planet in the middle. Next you can draw lines radiating from the center in the four directions and half-directions. Also draw, radiating out from the center, several circles that get larger and larger. Once you have your basic grid pattern drawn, you can look in magazines and papers for photographs and words that embody things you desire to create in your life, or you can get out the markers and paints and create the symbols and words yourself.

Grid and layout

You can investigate the Bagua and use Feng Shui principles to place items on your manifestation board, or you can use your intuition in choosing placement. Mainly, it is important that you be specific about what you desire to create with your pictures and words. For example, if you have a purse and some cash on your board, you might want to put your name across the purse and have arrows showing the cash going INTO your purse. Otherwise you could see a lot of cash flowing in the opposite direction. If you are writing be clear and write as if it has already happened, e.g., “I weigh an ideal weight of 135 lbs. My body is slim and well toned.” Also, as you are creating your board, keep in mind and give intent that only those manifestations that are for the good of all concerned will come to pass. If you desire to see results avoid manifestations that involve creating for another or forcing another’s will to your own.

After you have completed the work on your board you can attach crystals or stones to the four corners. You can also attach appropriate stones to the areas where you are choosing to manifest specific things. For example, you may put four quartz crystals on the outside corners of your grid, and then place a piece of malachite in the area of personal health, or you could place a piece of citrine on the purse with the money flowing into it. Once your board is complete and all appropriate stones are attached you can activate the grid by bringing light into the crystals and into the center of the earth representation. As you go around the images and writing on your board, see yourself in those situations, or experiencing the experiences you have put there to manifest. Give intent to manifest only that which is in the highest good. Place the manifestation board in an area where you will see it often and send it a beam of light every time you pass it. This only takes a second or two and can really add to the speed with which your manifestations take place.

You can also create smaller grids for specific individual purposes with quartz crystals, appropriate stones, or a combination of both. Let’s say you desire to move into a better house or apartment in a nice location. You could choose photographs that represent what you desire to create and/or write out specifically what you desire, where you desire for it to be located, how much you are choosing to pay for rent or mortgage, and when you require it. Place the appropriate stones around the picture and regularly send light energy into them and the center crystal to aid the manifestation process. We did this last year and it worked. In March of last year we generated a manifestation for a two-bedroom apartment or house no more than half a block from the store, for $850 a month (about $500-700 less than the going rate for two bedrooms in Ocean Beach at the time), and we required that the deal be done by mid-July. Last year in mid-July we signed a lease for a large two-bedroom apartment half a block from the store (and half a block from the ocean!) for $950 per month. I think that the only reason the rent didn’t manifest exactly as I had planned was because I myself didn’t quite believe we could get an apartment for as little as $850, even though I was asking for that.

This brings us to an important point about manifesting, whether with crystals or some other technique. It is important that what you desire to manifest be within your current ability to take in and believe wholeheartedly. Asking for a salary increase from $1200 to $5000 per month, unless you believe that 5K to be reasonably within your grasp, might prove to be a bit disappointing. It might also throw you into unemployment as the universe attempts to put you in the right place to learn how to create that $5000. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think big or have higher goals. It means that some of it may best be obtained in increments, as you come to believe more and more that you can create what you desire. It also means that it is always a good idea to give intent that any manifestation happens in a way and at a rate that is most in alignment with what you can mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually cope with. So get out there, gather your crystals and your creativity, and manifest the highest reality for yourself each and every day.

Next month I will talk more about pendulums, the variety of uses that they have, and share a few techniques that I have found helpful.

Joysprite, The Crystal Lady, 2002

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Joysprite - otherwise known as The Crystal Lady - is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Facilitator, NLP Practitioner and Mom of three beautiful children. Her own personal crystal path began in West Texas and is continuing in Ocean Beach, California, where she is the owner of Wisdom Crystals.

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