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By Judy Beebe

Through my expanded awareness experience or epiphany in December of 1994, I have developed what the Bible calls "the understanding heart." This experience has created a continuous flow of information and understanding that has gone beyond anything I could have possibly known before that time. This treatise will bring about an expanded awareness for you, the reader, of the significance of the number 666 which is revealed in Revelations.

Through the power of the placement of the golden triangle, I will show you visually how you become the Holy Grail Chalice, as well as how that relates to the number 666. I will visually show you the symbol that represents this truth within the crop circle formations.

Prior to my epiphany, I was under the limited impression that the Bible was merely an historical account of those times and the remarkable MASTER JESUS. This, of course, would imply that I was a New Age snob before there was a New Age. As I am now A.E. (after epiphany), I can tell you that I have read the Bible numerous times. The truth of everything that I was shown during my remarkable awakening into the totality of that which I am is found in the Bible. The metaphysical and New Age truth has always been there. It just takes a complete understanding of sacred geometry, creation and the symbolic language which allows a full understanding of the truth contained therein.

During the creational cycle of GOD which is when everything was broken away from the fullness of GOD, there was a creational movement which was in the form of a symbol. That symbol is the triangle, with three sides, and the only symbol which will allow penetration back to the center of the greater circle, or the GREAT CENTRAL SUN which is GOD. The glorious golden light, which is the color ray associated with this expansive and pulsatile region of unspeakable beauty and peace, gave each triangular spark of that creation a triangular spirit-blue capstone which would continuously whisper the truth of their disconnected golden nature. This then gives us the three points of two triangles as being the numeric equivalent to represent this creational piece which was broken away from the fullness of ALL THAT IS.

While the creational piece is separate from the wholeness which it truly is, it is veiled and left to flounder around within its desire nature and instinctual nature in order to survive. The LOVE of the creator, or ALL THAT IS, for that creation is what keeps this creation in manifest form. The creation can only remain manifest for as long as the THOUGHT keeps it so. So, my point here is have you ever wondered how much GOD loves you. The thought of GOD is what sustains your energy field (aura) and keeps your heart beating. If you can think of a grander love than that, please let me know.

As you were broken away from the fullness and wholeness of ALL THAT YOU ARE, you miss the wholeness, and GOD misses the incompleteness of having you gone from the FULLNESS of the expansiveness of him/her, ALL THAT IS. Thus, a mechanism was given to the creation for coming back into that FULLNESS. This mechanism consists of the electrical nature of GOD and which was part of your anatomical makeup. Resident within the anatomy of the creation is a mechanism which is alive with this breath of the creator, and which is awaiting the day of celebration when you come back into your complete and whole essence. A full explanation of this will have to be explained in another article, because it is quite complex and requires a great deal of description.

With the above understanding now outlined above, I will now give you the magical tetrahedron which visually displays how you move away from the 666 and into the 9 of mastery.

As you gaze at this symbol, you are seeing the symbol of your MASTERY and the beauty of what your completeness looks like on this plane.

The way I have worded this understanding is as follows:

The 3 of the green triangle becomes active at the moment of your first breath.

The 3 of the blue spirit triangle looms all around us every day we draw a breath.

The 3 of the magic golden triangle slides into place when we have been filled with GODs breath.

When the final element above has been accomplished, the magical tetrahedron has become two tetrahedrons which are dimensional and bound together in a never-ending embrace. As you look at this symbol, notice that the golden triangle has been placed at the point of where the blue capstone was inserted by the creator. As you look further, you can see that the golden triangle portion is upside down and penetrates down and into the earth and the green triangle portion penetrates up into the spiritual realm. This, my friends, is the HOLY GRAIL CHALICE. This implosive bonding of the golden dimensional triangle allows for the bounty of GODs truth and understanding to continuously fill this golden chalice.

Revelations 13:20....Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

The true significance of the 666 is that the number of a man is a 6, the three sides of two triangles, but this is a man who is still a slave to his/her animalistic nature. The animalistic nature of the sensual pleasures, the survival instincts, the nature of the manifest world and all that this implies. This is a man/woman who has yet to activate the blue triangle, and one who is caught up in the game and has not yet realized the totality of all that they are, their true spirit nature.

Revelations 13:18......Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.

In this verse of Revelations, it literally states count the number, it is the number of a man. Many have postulated that it is a specific man, but I can tell you from the truth of all that I have been shown, it is the number of MANKIND and the creation.

There has been one repetitive formation in the crop circles and that is the three-circle formation. It is the first crop circle formation in which I was given an instantaneous knowledge of the meaning, surprising even me by the force with which I delivered the meaning that first time.

This symbol is displaying the same knowledge as the double tetrahedron above. The outer circle represents GOD and the completeness which that represents. The inner circle is the circle which represents mankind. The small inner circle is the one which represents the hidden GOD within mankind. To put this in simple terms, this symbol represents mankind residing within the borders of ALL THAT IS GOD and, yet, always having the hidden or recognized GOD within. In a person who has activated and put in place the double tetrahedron, the GOD within is in residence and speaking the words of understanding into the GOLDEN CHALICE. This symbol for man then represents an awakened man/woman who is forever bound to the fullness of ALL THAT THEY ARE.

Each of the three circles represents a 3, so this symbol also is displaying the number 9 of spirit. The reason each circle represents a 3 is that the way to the understanding of each circle can only be reached through a triangle which penetrates to the center of the knowledge. Three circles each carrying the number of 3 and which together represent the spirit 9. If the inner hidden GOD remains hidden and is not acted upon, the number of this symbol is a 6.

Why does the number repeat itself three times in Revelations? First, I want you to really look at the number 6 and understand that this number represents energy that is focused in the bottom of the symbol, representing the manifest world and limitation. If you turn this number upside down, you have a 9 and with the energy being concentrated in that which is above the manifest world. The three 6s add up as follows:


The answer is really in the total number, but there is more. The number six carries a tone, and these are lined up to be a part of the harmonic vibration which will lift the creation closer to the creator. These two numbers the 6 and the 9 when placed appropriately are the two components to the symbol for the angelic harmonic. The tone of these symbols are sounded within our bodies, as we liberate ourselves from the manifest world and its emotional attachments. The first tone starts in the solar plexus region, with the second tone being heard in the heart region, and the final tone gets absorbed and expanded within the cerebellum. The sacred anatomy which helps us obtain our liberation will be dealt with in a further article.

The three tones of our liberation have been played within our bodies and we have now moved away from the mark of the beast and the 666. We have had the magical marriage which is spoken of in the Bible and we are now an awakened MAN/WOMAN who is vibrating to the in-flowing golden triangle and we have developed the "understanding heart."

Our bodies are a mystical creation which contains the truth of everything you have ever wanted to know. Symbolically, we were created for a world of separation from the creation, which was then further divided into a dual-natured being of male/female. This dual nature is what further separates us from the creator. We are dual beings that live in a world of duality. We must find the neutrality within our body habitus in order to come into the spiritual number 9 and upper harmonic of our liberation.

In order to further explain why the capstone in the birth triangle is blue, you must look in the mirror. When you look at your image in the mirror and concentrate on your eyes, you will see the symbol for MAN, as described above. Just to the outside of the iris (or the portion which represents MAN), if you use a magnifying glass, you will see a faint outline of blue. It does not matter what color your eye is, you will see the outline of blue. Of course, this is difficult in a blue eye. A brown eye is ideal because it makes it so easy to see the SPIRIT YOU and the truth of everything which has been outlined above. You are a spiritual being who is playing in the world of matter, but unfortunately we tend to concentrate on the matter and material portion of life. By giving adequate time to your spiritual development, you will obtain the golden triangle initiation/marriage.

Luke 11:36.....The light of the body is the eye.

By understanding the truth which is contained in your eye, you will have come to a full understanding of all of this information and will then be moving away from the number 6 and its downward limitation. You will be moving inward in order to obtain the spiritual liberation of the number 9 and its upward expansion.

I would like to end this treatise by quoting something from my interpretation of the symbol for Christ within the Language of Light alphabet.

As golden stardust particles, we are creative magma which has congealed to a point that it has lost the vision of its original design. By starting the divine fire of ascension, we warm the congealed magma and become a pliable substance of creation.....a creator.

Judy Beebe has been involved in medicine for over 35 years. At one point in her career, she even taught doctors postgraduate medicine at USC School of Medicine. She moved to Montana for spiritual reasons six years ago. Shortly after her move Judy had the expanded awareness experience which gave her the gift of symbol interpretation. She is a medical author, writing programs and reference materials for the medical transcription community. She is the former owner of a medical transcription company and a medical transcription training facility. Her anatomical knowledge and scientific background have helped her to ask questions to which we have all sought answers. Her understanding of the human body has become an important part of her spiritual work.

Judy's website, which you can find at offers a wealth of fascinating information about the Language of Light and how this information can be used to decode crop circles, pyramids and other ancient mystical symbols. Judy's website is a 'must-see' for anyone interested in understanding the mysteries of both our past as well as our future.

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