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Postcards of love

Reason is powerless
B Y †D A M I A N ††K E E N A N

© 2002 Damian Keenan

Editor's note: If you have any favorite inspirational poems, sayings or prose that you think would work well with one of Damian's POSTCARDS OF LOVE, please email your suggestion to Damian at the email address below.

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Damian Keenan was born in Dublin, Ireland where he studied visual communications. He was founding partner in a design agency there, staying for seven years. He followed his heart and moved to Stuttgart, Germany twelve years ago where he now works as a freelance graphic designer/illustrator. Damian is separated with an eight-year-old daughter and 10-year old son whom he sees regularly.

A committed seeker of the truth, Damian is interested in healing in all its forms, and has studied Reiki, though he doesnít practice at the moment. It was an attempt to try to visualise "healing" that lead to the idea of creating POSTCARDS OF LOVE. The impulses come from a wide variety of sources - from symbols to sacred geometry, from music to meditation, to name just a few.

In allowing his soul to speak through his work, Damian found himself creating what we feel are a stunning series of images that act as the perfect backdrop to a collection of uplifting messages given to the world by some of our greatest philosophers, healers and poets. The result is a beautiful series called POSTCARDS OF LOVE that we feel are imbued with a vibration of love and healing, which we are honored to be featuring on over the coming months.

Damian is presently in the process of building several websites to display his work, including one that will be devoted exclusively to POSTCARDS OF LOVE. If you would like to find out more about Damianís work and/or to register your interest in being informed when his websites go live, please contact Damian via

Artist's Note: Damianís POSTCARDS OF LOVE are created in what he calls "a kind of hip-hop approach" using a combination of scanned art, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Bryce.

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