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The Messiah Seed
B Y S T O R Y  W A T E R S

Magical Senses

“I choose to entrust my inner senses with
total faith in their guidance.”

MESSIAH, realize that much of what you feel as being impulse, volition and intuition is, in fact, you tapping into the feeling of your future Self. Realize that, as you start to see through the illusion of linear time, so you will come to experience more of what you have been, and more of what you will be, all within the present. This is to say that you will come to experience more of All That You Are in the conscious now.

Realize that much of what you intuit is going to happen is, literally, a looking into the future through the loosening of the belief in linear time into fluid time. As you come to see how you are creating your reality, so you connect into being the God spark within you from which you create, instead of experiencing your Self as what you create. The closer you move to being All That You Are, the more you will start to experience its state of timelessness and non-definition. This will appear as the opening of your inner senses, those senses which are currently labeled as psychic.

Realize that, as real as these powers are, they are subject to your own belief system and that of the mass. This includes the use of your inner senses to prove to others that the inner senses exist. To tell someone of your inner experience, no matter how emphatic and
persuasive you are, always gives them the freewill option to not believe you; to think that you are deluded or confused. The level of proof available for any phenomena is proportional to the allowance of the mass belief system for it. As the world comes to believe, so more proof will become available. Realize that this is purely referring to external consensus proof. Your inner senses can tell you anything, with a knowing beyond external proof, with that level of knowing being determined by the validity that you give to your inner senses. To learn to trust your inner senses is to learn to trust your Self.

Know your inner senses will grow as you come to both use and trust in them. Expand your being through inner feeling, not external proof, and you will embark on your own personal magical journey; a journey that will lead you to your magical Self. The allowance of magic
is the allowance of experience, which is currently beyond your understanding, into your state of being. Know your Self as being magical and you will know magic within your reality.

Letting Go of Control

“I choose to let go of the need to control.”


Messiah, know when to let go of control and take your hands off of the steering wheel of your life. Do not do this from a position of testing God, or from anger at the Universe. Do not wait to do this until you are in a feeling of exasperation or last resort. Instead, let go
with complete inner trust and confidence. To let go of control of your Self, and hand control up to the Universe, is to truly place your trust in your Self; and that is to know that you are the creator of your own life. It is to demonstrate that you feel the flow of life and know that it will take you where you need to go. It is to understand the level from
which reality can flow, runs far deeper than your conscious thoughts. It is to believe that there are no external forces that can harm you, because you know that you are safe. It is to come to have released the need to create pain in your life, and to have realized that you do not need to clutch the steering wheel anymore, or watch every bend in the road for hidden obstacles.

If doing this brings up fears, then use this as an opportunity to see those fears for what they truly are. In doing so, they will evaporate and connect you further into your trust of Self, as both an incarnate being and as a spiritual presence that permeates all life. Realize that reality has a built in fail-safe mechanism to resolve any situation. That mechanism is simply the letting go of control. And, by using the word ‘simply’, it is to imply that it only requires the letting go of effort. But realize that the letting go of effort may, to start with, be one of the most exhausting things you have ever done, as your mind may initially feel adrift and frantic. Realize, therefore, that the need to be in control stems from a lack of inner trust.

Know that to be the choice maker in your life does not mean you should attempt to control every aspect of your reality. It can feel good to be in control; just do not need to be in control. To feel the need to control your life is to believe that your life would otherwise be out of control. Realize the illusionary nature of control. Make the choices that come to you and then let them go. Let them manifest their own resolution. Do not try to control the results of your choices. In this lies the resolution of the paradox of control of your life, being simultaneously absolute and yet totally illusionary. Make your choices and then let them go.

Story Waters, 2005

Editor's Note: This is the final installment of this series. We truly hope you've enjoyed the gift of Story Water's work as much as we have. Please visit his personal website linked below to find out more about this remarkable book.


Story Waters is a spiritual author seeking to empower people to discover and follow the light of their own being. Through his writing, rather than seeking to give people just another spiritual framework of 'how things are', he looks to bring out his reader's inner magical divine Self in all of its glory. He seeks for his readers to connect with, trust in, and follow their own spirit above any external person, organization, religion or dogma. As he writes in his first book The Messiah Seed Volume I - "If you experience transformation through this book, know it is of your own doing. These Messiah Seeds simply create a space for your choice, your empowerment, and your change." Story hopes to inspire people to develop and follow their own inner voice, and to love and completely accept their own being.

Story has adopted the term 'limitlessness' to describe the state of being where our spirits naturally reside. So rather than encouraging readers to become 'more than they are' he empowers them to realize 'All That They Already Are' by freeing the Self from the limited beliefs that it has taken on in forms such as fear and lack of Self-worth. In Story's eyes we are all uniquely special expressions of God and if we must seek a purpose to life then it is to step into the power of that realization and live in the joy that is our being and to share that joy with the world.

Whilst expressing the unity of all life, Story also asks us to embrace our own uniqueness including our perceived imperfections. "Know your imperfection by realizing that it is perfection. Know you are perfectly you, and that you are perfect." By simultaneously experiencing our unity and individuality Story sees the world transforming into a Unified Diversity - the expression of Heaven/Limitlessness on Earth. Love is seen as the natural state that occurs when we let go of our fears. As Story says, "The time is now. Awaken and speak your dream. I greet you dearest one, as the Messiah that you are."

Visit to find out more about Story's work, read articles, download a free sampler eBook, or to purchase a copy of 'The Messiah Seed'. He also produces a free monthly newsletter with each edition including an empowering Messiah Seed or article.

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