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IN RESPONSE TO WORLDWIDE REQUESTS, and the rapidly evolving needs of parents, educators and the new kids themselves, CHILDREN OF THE NEW EARTH magazine is about to undergo a radical and exciting evolution in its publication and format.

Instead of producing it quarterly, we’re now going to bring it to you MONTHLY…

Instead of having to wait for your local post office to deliver it at their convenience (which can sometimes take up to 4 weeks!), you’re now going to be able to read it THE VERY DAY IT IS PUBLISHED…

Instead of having to pay $27.95 PLUS THE COST OF SHIPPING for only 4 annual issues (which is especially expensive for overseas subscribers) we’ve found a way to REDUCE THE COST TO A FLAT US$25.00 PER YEAR FOR EVERYONE…FOR 12 ISSUES…no matter where in the world you live…

And that’s just the beginning…
This new and vastly expanded MONTHLY publication will come with a host of additional benefits including:

* A brand new SPIRITUALITY SECTION – bringing you monthly updates and articles from experts around the world on every aspect of the spirituality of these children - their special gifts, their psychic and healing abilities, their knowledge of infinity, and their abilities to change our world.

* A brand new SCIENCE & EVOLUTION SECTION – which will contain irrefutable, cutting edge evidence to explain, for the benefit of your children’s teachers and other doubters, how and why the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Star Seed phenomenon is REAL, as well as provide you with information on all the most successful, natural, non-invasive solutions to help the kids overcome a wide range of physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges.

* A host of FREE Community Discussion Boards, each one dedicated to its own specific topic, including Autism, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Food Sensitivities and Allergies, Vaccinations, Education, Home schooling, Nutrition, and every conceivable healing modality – so, whatever the issue facing you, you’ll always be able to find someone who is dealing with the same issues as you are.

* Expanded Article Sections covering Parenting, Education, Health & Nutrition, New healing methods and modalities, plus reports on the latest discoveries and research.

To find out more about these exciting changes, and the special FREE GIFTS available to subscribers between now and December 31st, VISIT HERE PLEASE and read the full announcement.

Welcome to the DECEMBER Edition of PLW!
This is the final CNE edition of PLW. In the future this section will be located at the CNE website linked here.

SINCE WE STARTED PLW over five years ago, our "Children of the New Earth" section has gradually grown to become one of the most popular and frequently visited sections of this magazine, receiving tens of thousands of unique visitors every single month from more than 40 countries around the globe. As a result of the massive interest in this subject matter, and the increasingly urgent need for a cohesive and authoritative source of information – both spiritual and practical - Children of the New Earth print magazine was conceived.

Although there are many obvious links between this CNE section on PLW, and the new Children of the New Earth magazine, the version goes many steps further by also including a wealth of useful, grounded information and advice that will be of practical assistance, interest and value to all parents and educators everywhere, even if they don’t share our spiritual beliefs and have never heard of the words Indigo or Crystal Children.



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Are you an Indigo or a Crystal? Are you a parent of a child of the new earth? Our message board on is designed for you to share your experiences with others. Together, we're exploring the new children and we invite you to join us on this quest for answers.
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Frequently asked questions
Commonly asked questions about Indigo and Crystal Children ...answered by Sharyl!

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Visit our article archives for more insights. And then check out all the free articles at

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Looking for even more Indigo or Crystal information online? We have a comprehensive list that will help in your search. And then check out our complete guide to schools, websites, and other valuable CNE resources worldwide at Children of the New Earth.

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THE GIFT OF THE CHILD: A Special Message for the Holidays
Channeling Archangel Michael

Most teachers spend an enormous amount of time trying to get their students to shut up and sit down. This is an enormous waste of energy potential and passion. Then, these same teachers demand to be heard, because they have an agenda to follow, and they want their kids to learn. However, as a rule, most kids don’t learn by sitting and listening. They learn by moving and doing—especially when the group’s attention gets regularly turned to them for leadership. Most disruptive children in classrooms are actually born leaders, looking for a life mission. This hunger for attenti on, for group recognition—it is the bread of life, for an expanding mind!




It gets really tricky from here because at one point I have come to convince myself that my tremendous spirituality was a joke after all. I am far from content. I can't seem to get myself to get up and do anything "productive" because I don't know the meaning that others attach to the word. Productive? Productive in what? Numbing myself to a life of complete banality? Realizing that I have nothing special to give to the world and that I should just accept my station in life as measly and just one more cog in this giant wheel called corporate manipulation? No way!



Have you noticed any new or peculiar develpment in your child's behavior? If you have a question about your own child being Indigo or Crystal, or perhaps you have a concern about yourself, you may write to Sharyl seeking guidance, or insight, or to simply share your own wisdom regarding this fascinating phenomenon. We welcome you.



We look forward to receiving more articles on the Indigo and Crystal phenomena. Please help us to keep this section alive at CNE starting in January 2005, with the latest information by sharing your perspective and submitting your articles to Sharyl.



Looking for information, answers, advice? Want to know how other parents, teachers, caregivers and family members are coping with the new children in our midst? Check out all the letters that people like you have been writing to Sharyl over the past four years.

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